You have to know this rule, In advance is on time, on time is late,

I used to be late all the time until someone taught me this. Life improves once it became a way of life. And nowadays with the internet on your phone, being early means I can spend more time playing a game or browsing online until things start happening.

And yes, it’s a great help if you miss your exit or there’s an accident. You’re not stressed and fuming at the stupidity of people.

You can relax knowing you have plenty of time to get where you’re going.

Always plan to arrive/start a few minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

This gives you breathing room for unexpected delays, and you can use the extra time to do something productive. Plus, of course, you’re NEVER late.

I guess people are more patient and sympathize more with you if you’re the person that usually is never late.

This is my personal experience with being late vs being earlier.

I used to work at universities doing PR/communication for admissions offices. I had a presentation where I used this saying in regard to application deadlines: in advance is on time, on time is late, late = there is no such thing as a late application.

For most universities, they only review apps when they’re complete, and they review them in the order they’re received as complete.

A lot of universities have caps on their enrollment, so you want to get your completed app submitted as early as possible.

If you turn your app in at the deadline but the school has already hit their cap on enrollees and financial aid – the best you can be is wait-listed.

“But I turned it in at the deadline!” – we heard this all the time, didn’t matter, even if you were a genius with amazing grades.

We always got calls about folks asking to turn in certain documents after the deadline – also didn’t matter (unless you were a good athlete, as there were always ‘special’ rules for them).

This works for job apps as well. You want to be considered at the beginning of the application pack, if possible when the HR reviewers are still perky and fresh – not toward the end of the pack when all the HR reviewers are tired of going through a lot of crappy resumes.

Does this mean not to turn in your app if it’s close to the deadline?

No – go ahead and turn it in if you’re a particularly highly qualified candidate. Just know that earlier is better.

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