Women detect “their rivals in love” with smell. Not even perfume will save the infidels

Although women by nature are more intuitive than men, it seems that it is not the only sense that they have developed better. According to a study conducted by Florida State University, their sense of smell allows them to recognize that women want to approach their boyfriends or husbands with “other intentions”.

This instinct of feminine “preservation” has developed over time in order to protect your partner and is so good that feeling danger increases testosterone levels, generating a reaction of alertness to that situation. If the previous thing seems to them little, the feminine nose has the capacity to evaluate that women seem attractive to their men, which allows them to “move them away in time”.

In order to reach this conclusion, it was necessary for 25 women to smell clothes of four girls on their fertile days and others with four days on their non-fertile days. The result is that those who smelled the t-shirts worn by the fertile girls had an increase in their testosterone levels, quite the opposite of the other group in which they decreased.

This study joins another conducted by the Monell Center of Philadelphia, and reveal that it is easier to hide the smell of a person for a man than for a woman because the feminine smell can detect the real masculine scent no matter what is applied some perfume.

A study that feeds terror among unfaithful men who from now on should be more careful or simply, be better people and stop doing it!

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