Woman claims to be the owner of the Sun. Seeks to be paid for its use and others blame burns

The Sun is a star of vital importance to the planets that are part of the solar system. Because it provides energy, heat and light, so that along with water, life develops more easily. What makes it even more surprising and notorious, which made for a Spanish woman, who took over the sun.


Because María Angeles Durán , since 2012 has a legal document that certifies her as the legitimate owner of the giant star. The woman fulfilled one of her dreams in this way, and far from being content with it, she seeks to take advantage of her property on the Sun economically, charging for its use.

The money I am claiming is for the government to pay pensions for adults, invest in health and economically disadvantaged people. Also a part would be for my personal use

– María Ángeles told Noticiero El Vigilante .

Noticiero El vigilante

María Angeles also seeks to sell the Sun through online properties. In fact he sued eBay for erasing his page. Which speaks of how difficult it has been for her to achieve this goal. Without forgetting that she has also received threatening calls about future demands for the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

«In this case I would have to ask for a huge compensation for the heat of the sunlight that is used for the cultivation of infinities of food»

– said the owner of Sol.

Noticiero El vigilante

A case of a man who tried to sue her for the redness of her eyes and the burns on her skin recently occurred. He was able to pay a bundle to his lawyer to carry out the complaint, but he recommended that he not do so, because ultraviolet rays take millions of years to reach the Earth and María has only been the owner of the sun since 2012.

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