Woman Brilliantly Tricks Husband Into Thinking They’ve Taken In A Coyote

If you’re anything like me, you want to help every animal you see, if it looks like they’re even remotely in danger or trouble. A woman who clearly feels the same way is a Facebook user by the name of Kayla Eby, who has a track record of animal-helping that involves randomly bringing home 4 ferrets, much to the dismay of her loving husband.

Kayla also has something of a prankster streak, and decided to use her computer skills to pull a fast one on her husband – and it worked like a charm.

It was an ordinary night, when Kayla sent a picture to her husband to let him know that she had taken in a local ‘stray dog’ – which was actually a wild coyote. Here’s the twist, though – the images were fabricated in Photoshop, and the coyote wasn’t really there. But try telling her husband that!

Watch the hilarity unfold below:

The poor pup…

The penny has just dropped, and it’s fair to say that the hubby is not best pleased at seeing a wild coyote sitting beside his infant son.

I don’t know how hubby didn’t realize it was a joke, but he sure didn’t…

The coyote does look pretty chill, to be fair…

I mean, they’re both canine, right?

If hubby looked at the picture closely, he might realize it was a mock-up, but he’s too angry for that…

Boy, he really isn’t taking this well…

‘Animal Planet Kayla’ does have a nice ring to it…

How has he still not got it?!

Kayla couldn’t keep up the charade any longer. She got tired of winning so hard!

Kayla is definitely a woman after my own heart – not only does she love animals, but she also enjoys mercilessly trolling her husband! I’m sure the two of us would get along like a house on fire.

h/t: gosocial


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