When you thought that “little tail” fashion had gone, now you can buy these men’s bows

Fashion can become very cruel, unfortunately, there are styles, haircuts that turn into trends but sometimes that don’t suit all of us. That is to say:

Nobody bothers you when you look … like this:


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Much less if you look like this…


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But the sad news is pretending to look like this



…and you end up looking like this:


Recently the ‘fashion’ was a little tail, well shaved at the sides and if you have a beard, it will look better. A kind of hairstyle that looked like it was taken from Sokka, Ank’s partner in Avatar:

The style was adopted by men from all over the world, it was very easy to find someone with this cut in the last two years, which, as we explained, works very well for some and others, sadly the truth is not in their favor.

long hair


Currently it seems that this style is trendy, however, preventing this style from dying, BlueCreate.com started selling hair bows for men, so if you can’t or somehow don’t want to grow a lot of hair, it will not be a problem:

Blue Create 

You don’t have to wait for months for the ‘tail’ to form so you can simply enter the page and buy it for $8. You’ll think it’s a joke, but no it’s not, there are even people who have already rated this article with five stars, which indicates that sales may not go as badly as we thought.

On their page you can find an explanation in detail about the placement and how to make your hair bun look ‘real’:

“Simply tie your hair, open the bun, then secure it to your head and enjoy the new hairstyle you deserve, stick to your head so you have the perfect bow at anytime and anywhere ”

Product description Blue Create


We’re not 100% sure if this is ‘the new hairstyle you deserve’ as indicated on the page but everyone knows better their tastes,  but this new product that can solve the struggles of male tail lovers.

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