Too much talk is healthy for women. Guarantees that they live longer than the average

According to the study of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine at the University of Yeshiva, your attitude can be more determinant than your genes in terms of how long you can be and there are specific characteristics such as talking in excess that guarantees you a better chance of living longer.

It’s all because people who talk a lot are usually extroverted and optimistic to what researchers attribute a better quality of life, as their body stays calmer and better tolerates high levels of stress. All this because they know the ways to “pigeonhole” their feelings within words to share them.

In another study, the professor at the University of New York and psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos explained in his book We are what we talked that the minimum to guarantee more years of life is 15 thousand words per day. The psychiatrist explains that talking is healthy for mental health and that it is an activity that can be done not only with people but also with plants and animals.

All this added to the fact that women develop their linguistic capacity much more than men due to thelanguage protein FOXP2 that their body produces in greater quantities.

For the study, the scientists sampled 250 people aged between 95 and 100 years in which they studied their personality and their genetic load. After obtaining the results, it was determined that regardless of the genes, there are common factors that are positive such as sharing with other people.

If you want to be more than 90 years old, a good diet is not enough. You need to learn to express your feelings and talk with those around you.

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