This Trick Will Prevent Your Dog From Panicking This Year During Fireworks

How does your dog react to New Year’s fireworks? At least my dog goes crazy, barks at the sky as if we were being attacked by beings from another planet, runs like crazy and, clearly, gets scared and gets very nervous. So this trick seems wonderful to practice this year, I’ve never tried it but it can be an excellent alternative.

Tellington Ttouch: Friendly training 

The technique is based on an animal training method called Tellington Ttouch, which offers a kind, respectful and effective training. The method was created by Linda Tellingnton-Jones, who started her practice with horses, but today the method is used throughout the world to alleviate traumas and phobias in all types of animals.

‘The Tellington Method uses a variety of techniques of touch, movement and body language to affect the behavior and health of animals, to increase the willingness and ability to learn in an environment free of pain and anxiety ‘

According to the method, animals suffer this type of terrors to fireworks because they have a special sensitivity in the posterior regions of your body, legs and ears. Therefore, if we tie a cloth around the body, stimulating blood circulation in the extreme regions, tension and irritability can be relieved.

The tape, cloth or handkerchief should cover the chest and back, forming an 8, and then end in a knot in the back, but making sure it is not just over the spine.

Through this technique, your dog will feel more secure and in harmony; your better circulation will influence your nervous system, calming it down. If your dog is very nervous, experts advise to keep them in small places while the pyrotechnics last, there they will feel tighter and safer.

Anyway, I’ll try it this December 31st.

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