This simple method will help you overcome your fears

I wanted to write a post for you on the subject of fear and how to release fear from your system.

It’s kind of interesting because almost all people that I talk do have at least some fear in the background of their experience. For example, if you take a minute to feel into your own self, your mood, your emotions… is there any fear there? Strange eh? There tends to always be at least a little.

Now if we can master the art of recognizing and releasing fear, THEN we’ve figured out how to release stress, anxiety, depression and all these heavier states. It’s possible to just keep applying this as you feel safer and more secure in your own self.

Here we go:

One: Ask yourself “What’s wrong?” or “What am I afraid of right now?”

… and put the answer in quotes. So for example: “I’m afraid no one loves me and that I’ll always be alone.”

The benefit of this first step is that we can create a relationship, a communication between the rational and irrational aspects of ourselves. Here’s the main truth: all fears are irrational. But just because they’re irrational doesn’t mean that we should be harsh or disrespectful to ourselves. We’re still being kind, still being patient with ourselves – WHILE RECOGNIZING that what we’re afraid of is not a true reflection of reality.

Two: Ask now, “Is this true?”

Now here’s the fun part.

The reason why we’re afraid of something, of anything, is because, on one hand, we know that this is not a legitimate threat. We know that all is well and we’re fine. And we ALSO suspect that what we’re afraid of is true, and we move into dense, painful mind activity to start safeguarding ourselves from this threat.

In other words, we’re playing both sides. We’re going “It’s not true, but it might be true, but it’s not, but it might be…” and THIS is what keeps us locked in fear! See?

So we unlock the fear by getting off the fence. We ask: “Is this true?”

So returning to the example, “I’m afraid no one loves me and I’ll always be alone.” We ask, “Is this true?” … Is it? Be as intelligent as you can possibly be. Be a scientist in search of the truth. Will you always be alone? Well, no. It’s false.

 It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that only fulfills itself when you buy into it but otherwise holds no water on its own.

That’s it.

Man, I hope that made sense. This is complicated because the fear often takes over the mind to validate itself over and over to make itself seem much more real than it is. That’s how you get people ARGUING that their fears are real. But they’re not.

Really insist on discovering the truth underneath the fear. How much of it is real? And if it’s not real, then consciously decide to let it go, and be done with it forever. This should offer some relief.

Let me know if it works!

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