This old man died alone in an asylum, his last words completely changed the lives of the nurses

If only the children took care of their parents when they get old, in the nursing homes there would not be so many sad old people waiting for their last day.

It is unfortunate that grandparents and grandmothers spend their last days in an asylum waiting to be visited by their loved ones, unfortunately, these visits never occur and by the end, they live the sad and disappointing days.

In a nursing home in a small town in Australia, a poor old man lived for a long time there.

Before dying, this man left a valuable and sincere message that has touched many people’s hearts. After the man died, one of the nurses began to clean the room where he was sleeping, she found a letter that moved her so much that she decided to share it with a local newspaper.

The words of this man show the great wisdom he acquired throughout his life. Surely these words will serve you well, do not hesitate to read the full letter.

This is what was written in the letter of the old man before dying: 

‘I write these words to express what I feel.

Nurses, what do you think when you see me?

A case they see a sad old man, a little silly and very difficult to deal with.

A case they see someone very distracted and not wanting to live.

A person who can’t eat on their own and who never answers a question.

To that person to whom you have to say ‘at least you could try’.

To whom it seems to have no idea what they do.

To who has no idea where you leave things and that always forces them to look for me.

That person who occupies most of their days in long baths and feeding.

That’s why I’m asking again, what do you think when you see me?

Then read well that I will tell you who I am.

I am a 10-year-old boy with father and mother with brothers and sisters who love me and love them.

I am a 16-year-old boy with dreams and wanting to find love.

A boyfriend of 20 years with a lot of love to give that still remembers the promises he made.

I am a 25-year-old young man with children whom he loves and cares for and to whom he gives a home.

I am a 30-year-old man who sees his children grow up very fast, but who loves them unconditionally and that love will never end.

I am a 40-year-old man who has seen his children grow up and who have left home, but who still has his wife to accompany her for the rest of his life.

I am a 50-year-old man who returns to hold a baby and sees his family grow more and more.

I am a man who has lost his wife and every day he feels sadder and shudders.

My children already have their own family and I start thinking about everything I’ve lived and the love I’ve had and lost.

Now I have become an old man and time has cost me years.

I laugh at myself as an idiot for everything I’ve lived.

My body begins to decay, my strength and vitality begin to end.

Now I am like a trunk that doesn’t move, that has lost its heart.

Even though I am an old man, a young man still lives inside me.

My heart every day is more finished but full of joys and at the same time sadness and in spite of everything still alive and I love.

I start to remember everything that I have lived and everything that has vanished.

I think that nothing lasts forever, so look at me and realize that older people are not old deranged who have no idea what they do, we are children, brothers, father and husband who have had a great life.’

There is no doubt that older men are wise people we must respect and love, that’s why you value your grandparents, your parents and care for them as at some point they took care of you.

What do you think about this beautiful and moving letter?

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