This abandoned Dog cried and complained wanting to get into a car. They had abandoned her and she lost all puppies

Dogs are human’s best friend but sometimes us, humans, betray them, abandon them in a way that is far away of humanity, and all the poor dogs have to deal with, is a life to survive on their own. And when this indifferent world becomes difficult for them, all they want is someone who loves and cares for them.

The struggle is real even for this little dog that was abandoned at a gas station in Texas.

And fortunately, she found the right person.

Shannon Ackerman

Shannon Ackerman, a dog rescuer, arrived at a gas station in Missouri City, Texas , to fill her tank after rescuing a husky and her two puppies , who had suffered an accident in a roadside drainpipe.

He took them to his house to take care of them, but when he stopped to load gas, he discovered that there was another dog that needed his help.

“As soon as I started pumping gas, I felt something licking the back of my knee, which scared me. When I looked down, this sweet and sad German shepherd, who seemed to have had a litter, looked at me with an expression as if to say, ‘Can you help me please?’, The girl reminded The Dodo.

Whitney Hartman

Although she did not had space to carry her in the car, she tried anyway to find out if she had a family or someone knew what had happened to her. Then the owner of the gas station told him that he had seen the moment they had left her, but before they could stop the car to face them, the dog owner had already gone.

The dog, who was later named Mercy, cried and complained about trying to get into Shannon’s car, which she could not take.

Aware that she needed to be rescued, the girl drove to Whitney Hartman , another rescuer and asked her to go for the dog. She immediately went to the gas station and opened the door for Mercy to jump into the seat.

Whitney Hartman

Whitney checked her new co-pilot to see if she had a microchip, but only found a dirty collar without identification.

Sauver Des Chiens

She lodged her one night in her house and the next morning took her to Sauver Des Chiens, a special foster home for German shepherds, where they will take care of her until she finds a family that wants to take her home.

Sauver Des Chiens

Although for now they are just looking to find her puppies because Mercy is very confused and looks for them often.

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