They invented a bracelet that gives you an electric shock if you eat too much junk food

Leaving junk food is not easy, even if some think it is simply “close your mouth” and already, the truth can not be further from that. In fact, there are many studies that confirm that junk food is as addictive as any drug, so clearly leaving it is not easy.

And because it’s so difficult, people are always inventing new methods to get it out of the way. Some work, others not so much, but definitely the latter is a radical invention, to say the least.

On Amazon they are selling a bracelet that gives you a small electric shock when you are eating too much junk food.


The Pavlok bracelet costs $ 199 and really not only works with junk food but is thinking as a way to “order life” of its users by the simple act of giving them an electric shock 350 volts every time they leave the rules.

Its creators assure that the discharge that Pavlok performs is not an absolute harm to people and that it is simply a small reminder that they are doing something wrong.

“Pavlok allows him to speak the language of his reptilian brain by adding an unpleasant element (a safe and harmless ‘zap’ of electricity on his wrist) to what he has been taught to love (his unpleasant and persistent habit). Quickly condition your mind to associate an “unpleasant” feeling with your bad habit … and stop it all together ».



The comments on Amazon of those who have purchased the product are quite mixed, while for some it is a very good solution to stop those “little bad habits” they have, for others the quality of the product is not very good.

Basically because being a bracelet is not always as close to the skin as it should be and therefore the electric shock is not felt at all.

Honestly, I think this whole Pavlok affair has more to do with the pleasure of receiving an electric shock – there are all kinds of people in this world – than with effectively changing those small and unpleasant bad habits.

If you are interested, the Pavlok can help you with your processing on the internet, biting your nails, eating for lunch, smoking and falling asleep apart from your work preventing you from eating junk food.

Are you buying yours?!

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