They hunted a mountain lion and put their celebration on social networks. They were only fined and will not go to prison

Definitely, human beings are the most despicable beings that walk on this earth. And every time you start thinking that maybe it’s not like that, you run into images like these three friends who boasted in social networks for having hunted a mountain lion.

Fortunately, the three friends were not smart enough about the images they published because more than one person managed to recognize where they were: the Yellowstone National Park. And they decided to denounce them, according to The News & Guide.

And in this park it is illegal to hunt protected animals, the Mountain Lion is one of those animals. So thanks to their post of celebration the three men were condemned for their acts.

Austin Peterson (20 years old), Trey Juhnke (20 years old) and Corbon Simmons (19 years old), were identified thanks to the content they uploaded to social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat where they posed with the body of the dead male mountain lion in the National Park.

Unfortunately, none of them received a prison sentence for their actions and all three were sentenced to pay $ 1,600 each as a fine.

Also, they were banned from hunting for three years – which should have been for life, if you ask me.

The three boys pleaded guilty to violating the “Lacey Act,” which prohibits the taking, sale or purchase of wildlife in protected areas.

The animal in question received eight bullet wounds and the young people took it from the park with them.

Who knows what to do, possibly hang it as a trophy or use its skin for something. Whatever it is, it can not be a more despicable act.

How not to think that human beings are despicable after this?

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