They are poor, but their wealth is in their hearts: 15 homeless people give their all for their dogs

For today’s society, materialism represents everything in our lives: for what we work, what we care most, what we will leave to our children and for what people are even able to break relationships, just to get. We spend our time generating money and who else has, seems to be worth more for others.

But once again, animals give an important lesson to humans: the important things, in fact, are not things. They are our relationships.

Once a dog establishes a close relationship with a loving owner, their loyalty can be unwavering, and they will stick with it, regardless of the situation. And unlike us, dogs don’t judge people because of the material things they possess.

And there are also people who may not have much but have a big heart, and share their things with their loved ones. Because if a blanket fits one, it will also fit two.



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Dean Golemis




Mishu Hassan








Simon Clarke




Veronica Henri


Amal Chen


Norah Levine




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