These Fishermen Thought They Saw a Seal on an Iceberg, Until They Got Closer

The great things happen unexpectedly, and it was really a great moment that witnessed the fishermen Allan Russel, Mallory Harrigan and Cliff Russell when they entered the sea a few miles off the coast of Labrador in Canada.

From a distance, they managed to observe an iceberg, which was floating. Above him was a small creature, the fishermen thought maybe it was a seal, but when they got close they got a big surprise.

It was nothing more and nothing less than an arctic fox. The helpless little animal looked terrified, possibly hungry and was being attacked by seagulls.

The fishermen thought that maybe the little fox had been trapped while he was looking for food. Unfortunately, the piece of ice which was floating had split, sending him out to the sea.

The three men decided to do something for the animal because in these circumstances, for the fox will be impossible to survive.

They placed the boat next to the iceberg so that the fox could get on board, it wasn’t an easy job to do because the animal was very scared and tried to flee from the fishermen, in order to rescue him,  they had to break a piece of ice in order to catch the scared fox but despite the difficulties, they managed to rescue him.

After the fishermen put him on the boat, they put him in a small bed that they improvised so that they could take care of him until he regained his health. The fox was very weak, so he slept during the way. When he finally woke up he was very aggressive but after being fed, he remained calm.

Because they found him very weak, he slept most of the way.

When he woke up, he ate a can of sausages that the fishermen offered him.

When they arrived at earth, the fox was released to its natural habitat and the great gesture of these fishermen saved the life of this small creature. Now he is safe and one of the fishermen said that from time to time he returns to see the little fox before he moves to explore the sea.

A great act for the team of “The Northern Swan” that sailed off the shores of Labrador, Canada; for this effort in saving an animals life, so in the end, the fox was released in its habitat, just as each species should live, and a gesture of kindness from the fishermen that is really to be valued who we believe will inspire us do more good deeds like this.

What do you think about the way these men acted? What would you have done in their place?

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