There are shoes with GPS to locate grandparents with senile dementia

We are living in a world where artificial intelligence is part of our life and day by day it becomes as important as life itself.

Japanese people are known for their creativity in technology, development of robot dogs that are almost equal to a real one. And this time we’re going to talk about a new invention that will be helpful for most of us because we all have one elderly in our life and the Wish Hills company has a vision for them.

GPS at the feet of users

Wish Hills created a smart pair of shoes that contains a GPS which allows finding older adults with cognitive impairment, for example, a grandpa with advanced Alzheimer’s. This project is called GPS Dokodemo Shoes, and thanks to its device you can determine the location of the owner, it allows people near the old man to find it through a map.

The GPS is inside the sole of the left shoe and works as a locator, allowing the older adult to use it, through a map on the cell phone or simply by computer. In this way, you will never be afraid of lost grandparents.

The locator is responsible for sending a notification to the device where it is connected, when the older adult is wearing the shoes and 50, 100 or 500 meters away from home.

“We have experience in the search for patients with dementia lost, and we know that this type of people do not use mobile phones, pendants or watches, but shoes. That’s why we decided to create some with GPS tracking system “, says the company through its website.

The only “disadvantage” is that these shoes are not easily reachable at all because their cost is $298 and for now they are only available in Japan. It should be noted that this country has almost a quarter of its population over 65 years.

According to data provided by the World Health Organization, there are 47.5 million people suffering from dementia and 7.7 million new cases are known each year. Surely, this small invention could help these million people in need and that will make lives way more easy for the rest of us.

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