The “anti-snoring nose plugs” are ideal for a pleasant night of uninterrupted sleep

Snoring is the worst thing that exists in this world, maybe for you people who snore may not seem such a serious problem because you are not the ones who have to try to sleep with the noises they emit throughout the night.

But as one is a good person – for the most part – he is able to tolerate the snoring of the person we like in order to sleep with them (and possibly if they can not stand their snores, it is because maybe the love between you be so big, consider it).

That does not mean that if there is something that can be done to prevent the other person from snooping all night, we will not do it. 


At Amazon there are many, maybe too many, devices designed to prevent people from snore at night. It is possible that not all of them will work, but there is a vast catalog where you can try different options until you find the ideal one for you.

There are the “nose plugs”, a carbon air filter with sponges that purify the air that is inserted into the nostrils at only $ 8.80 dollars.

Since the area that gets into the nostrils is a sponge, it should not be too annoying – although it is unlikely that you do not feel at all – but it is small and non-invasive so it may turn out to be a great option.


Of course, it’s not the only thing that Amazon has to offer in terms of products to avoid snoring. They range from the more normal ones like special pillows and nasal sprays that allow better breathing – and therefore, less snoring – up to a little more extreme.

Like this kind of face harness that keeps the chin in place, preventing the mouth from opening, preventing snoring from occurring.

It costs $ 12.50 and is neoprene, it is soft and is not supposed to sweat. Maybe it works, but personally, I find it a bit disturbing to sleep with this on (or see someone sleep with this).

Do you dare to try one?

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