Texas Restaurant Is Putting Up Hilarious Signs That Are Just Too Good

There’s nothing like a good funny sign to brighten up your day and this Texas restaurant has the very best in the game.

So, if you ever find yourself in Austin, Texas, you need to visit El Arroyo. This restaurant serves delicious Tex-Mex food and hilarious signs that lure in the customers and make them laugh! We have chosen the very best ones for your entertainment…

1.) Oh my god…

elarroyo_atx / Instagram

I’ve NEVER thought about it this way. But WHICH ONE is unplanned? Surely both of them are unplanned by default because they are both twins? Now I’ questioning everything. My life will never be the same. How can a sign hold so much power?!


elarroyo_atx / Instagram

If no one sees how terrible you are at it, you’re fine, it never happened, you got away with it. HOWEVER, when you take ten attempts to parallel park, a small crowd gathers, the local news station starts reporting on it, you NEVER live the shame down.

3.) Don’t remind me

elarroyo_atx / Instagram

Might not be the best sign to have outside a restaurant but it’s true! My metabolism has abandoned me, leaving me to deal with the consequences of my eating ALONE. It’s a tough life.

4.) Way too accurate

elarroyo_atx / Instagram

This is literally my childhood. My parents would should what from one room to the another while I sat there, going INSANE.

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