Smart dog becomes a lesson for humans by crossing the street only when the traffic light changes to green

Some dogs are well known for their intelligence, their ability to teach new things that are out of their nature and these smart creatures sometimes amaze us by showing us that a lesson is valuable only when you use that and not just to remain as knowledge.

Having a dog as a companion sometimes can make them even better citizens. And if you don’t believe me what I’m talking about, we’ll be showing you the best passer-by in the world, the adorable little dog from Colombia.

In a video, the dog is seen stopped in a street in the south of Bogotá. The cars pass by the street and the little animal just looks. Other passers-by cross the street, even though you can see the red light. But the dog calmly waits.

Facebook / Darly Peña

Very cautious and educated, the dog passes on the other side only when the traffic light changes to green

Facebook / Darly Peña

Check out the full video below:

The images were registered by a citizen named Darly Peña in Kennedy, south of the Colombian capital, according to Infobae. While recording the dog, the woman comments that the dog is an example of citizen culture.

On his Facebook account, Darly wrote next to the video: “Good afternoon, I want to share with you a situation that I experienced today, where it is proven that our beautiful 4-legged friends can become more intelligent than us in this kind of situations, we can’t be aware that they value life more than we do, I really fall in love with this beauty.

Facebook / Darly Peña

“The objective of the video was achieved, and that’s to make us aware that if an animal can teach us how to preserve their lives, why we shouldn’t do it?” Said the woman who recorded the lovely moment.

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