Seattle Woodworker Creates Stunning Bathtubs Using Marine Technology

Nathie Katzoff of NK Woodworking is turning the wooden bathtub into a work of art.

$30,000 for a bathtub? You’ll wish that you had that kind of money after seeing what Nathie Katzoff does with the wood that he uses to create these stunning pieces of artwork.

The architect of NK Woodworking design has some amazing things in his repertoire, including a background in boat building that makes these impressive tubs even more startling.

Here’s a peek at some of his work:

Using Sapele mahogany as “the popular wood of choice,” lead designer and founder Katzoff says, “we aim to be the Steinway or Maserati of bathtubs.”

Here’s maybe the best part of these outrageously beautiful tubs: the wood insulates much better than standard materials used in other tubs, such as porcelain or metal, keeping your water warmer for a longer period.

wooden bathtub

Since Katzoff has a background in boat design it stands to reason that this next step was undertaken by this amazing artist to create the useful work seen here.

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