Scientists surprise the world: “We will have a complete cure for cancer in a year”

Scientists from the Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies developed a new treatment for cancer, in which they claim they would have the complete cure for this disease, says the Jerusalem Post.

The president of the company, Dan Aridor, reported that the study headed by Dr. Ilan Morad offers a complete treatment and possibly without side effects.

“We believe that we will offer a complete cure for cancer in one year,” he said. “Our cancer cure will be effective from the first day, it will last a few weeks and will have minimal or no side effects at a much lower cost than most of the other treatments in the market “.

The treatment consists of a combination of peptides and a toxin that would specifically kill the cancer cells, that’s why its name, MuTaTo, of multi-objective toxin.

The idea, as Morad explained, is that patients will be provided with a personalized treatment, along with a medication according to their type of cancer.

Despite the ideal treatment sounds, several question its effectiveness because it has only been tested in mice, in that context the National Office of the American Cancer Society, Len Lichtenfeld said: “It goes without saying that we all share the hope that they are correct “, but they explained that the researchers have not publicly shown the collected data in order to support their announcement.

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