Poor dad waits 3 days in Adidas to reward his son with shoes. He is a good student, he deserved it

A father is capable of doing everything for his son. And a 44-year-old Taiwanese man, surnamed Li, showed it when he joined a 3-day line to get his little one the limited-edition Adidas shoes that his son desperately loved. His story was learned after being seen together with 20 other customers queuing to get the exclusive footwear.

The shoe is an Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black, a design that just after it was announced its commercialization in the media, caused a sensation in young people.

Thus, the son of Li was one of them who loved to have one pair of them, but unfortunately, he couldn’t go to wait in line on his own because he needed to attend school.

Taiwan Apple Daily

His father being aware of this and the good performance his son has shown in school, decided to do the queue for him in the store.

He stayed 3 nights, slept outside the store and in all that time did not return home to not lose the place in line and get the shoe to his beloved son.


Li is not known as a rich man, even not from the middle class, as he works as a home delivery, and that job doesn’t get paid good enough, but despite all these struggles, he decided to reward his son with the shoes he wanted so much for the fact that he is performing well at school even though he had to wait in line that took days.

The shoes were priced at $279 and it is not known exactly how much the available stock was. According to Taiwan Apple Daily, there were 300 people available to wait in line and get these quoted shoes. And let’s hope that the good one of Li, is one of those who obtained them just for the brave heart he has.

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