People Are Posting Hilarious Photos Of Their Irish Wolfhounds, And It’s Crazy How Large They Are (50 Pics)

The Irish Wolfhounds got their name not for their appearance. They got it for their purpose—wolf hunting with dogs. Some people think that all we have of the earliest times of this old breed are more myth and legend than fact. It is mentioned, as cú (variously translated as hound, Irish hound, war dog, wolf dog, etc.) in Irish laws, which predate Christianity, and in Irish literature going back as far as the 5th century or, in the case of the Sagas, from the old Irish period—AD600-900. Whatever the truth, it doesn’t take away the fact that these creatures are incredibly delightful and beautiful. And big. According to the official the World Canine Federation standards, their desired height is 32 inches (81cm) to 34 inches (86cm). And although the Irish Wolfhound can be a frightening sight for those who aren’t familiar with them, their all-around friendliness can’t be any higher. To give these pups the attention they deserve, Viralinside has compiled a list of their funniest photos, so scroll down to check them out and upvote your favorite entries.

#1 Our Anti-Burglar System

#2 17 Days After My Mom Passed From Ovarian Cancer, Her Old Irish Wolfhound Followed In Tow To Be With Her. I Miss Them Both So Much. Dogs Know

#3 My Dog’s Facial Expressions When I Didn’t Turn Towards The Dog Park

#4 I Guess I’ll Sleep Over Here…

#5 Owner And Her Dog Dressed Like Wayne’s World Characters For Halloween

#6 These Two

#7 Janine Fell Apart. We Put The Pieces In This Chair

#9 Dachshunds For Balance

#10 Our New Whippet Puppy Sitting With His Friend, An Irish Wolfhound Puppy

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  1. I’ve only, personally, met an Irish Wolfhound once, when I was in my 20s. This dog was so big that, when I stood upright beside him, I could lazily rest my elbow on his back; fortunately, the breed is very good-natured.

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