Parents Catch Son Going Crazy In The Shower And It’s The Most Hilarious Thing

Despite the immense humor of this video, we all know that we’ve been guilty of doing the same thing at one point or another. Perhaps it was even as recent as this morning when we found ourselves in the shower, singing along to a catchy tune playing nearby.

Singing and dancing in the shower sounds like an excellent way to kick off the day. However, that’s assuming that nobody walks in on you while you’re doing it.

For 12-year-old Logan, showering took on a whole new look when his parents installed a blue tooth shower head that blasts jams while you freshen up. If the video isn’t enough to show you how much Logan is enjoying the recent installation, the video’s YouTube description states that Logan started taking twice as many showers after the new shower head was in place.

Can you blame him? The look on his face when he realizes he’s being recorded makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.

Watch the hilarious video below and share your reaction with us in the comments section!

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