Nobody wanted to adopt this dog without nose and crooked teeth until he went viral on Social Media

While many people adopt puppies and kittens as a Christmas or New Year gift, a unique looking dog in Florida, is looking for a home, but nobody wants to take him.

The reason? The 12-year-old dog has no nose and has crooked teeth. Although these days, Sniffles is a star in the veterinary office in Chuluota.

The street dog of Puerto Rico was admitted by Orange County Animal Services, after being rescued by Rabito Kontento. The rescue group said Sniffles needed extensive treatment because he was attacked by other stray dogs that were much larger than him, according to the WESH television network.

At the same time, Michelle Wacker said: ” He’s just a beautiful old man. Everyone in the office has fallen in love with him” Genesis Diaz, who has been raising the dog, said Sniffles is very relaxed and likes to snort. “It’s a healthy dog. He just looks a little weird, “ Wacker added.

Although Sniffles will undergo dental work within the next week.

Sniffles was adopted into a home in Florida before landing at Poodle and Pooch , but he managed to escape continuously from his new owners.

The rescue organization said that although owners loved him, they thought that it wasn’t the best option they’ve made when choosing the puppy without a nose.

Since they published the story, the rescue team has received hundreds of emails, messages and social network queries about it. They said that Sniffles will be fine and will ask those who are interested in adopting a dog to search their website for other dogs in need.

“Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your desire to help, your kindness and your generosity. So many others in need, please take the time to learn about them as well. Thank you! “They wrote on their website.

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