New Year’s Eve in Sao Paolo will have silent fireworks firing for the first time

According to the Brazilian media, the traditional New Year’s Eve party in Avenida Paulista, in the central region of São Paulo, will have, for the first time, a silent fireworks display.
The bill was sanctioned by Mayor Bruno Covas (PSDB) in May this year. The fires without boom, with visual effects will be allowed, as well as those that make noise of low intensity. The law is valid for open and closed public or private venues throughout the city of São Paulo.

Also prohibited is the manufacture of any pyrotechnic artifacts with noisy sound effects. In case of non-compliance, the estimated fine is $2,000

“What is expected is an awareness of the population to the problems caused by the noise of the fires. It’s something that affects the elderly, babies, and animals. People with autism have many difficulties. With intense noise they need to be monitored, ”  Councilor Reginaldo Tripoli (PV), one of the law’s authors.

The show doesn’t pay for its damages

The main damage of fireworks is the problems caused to animals by the noise, which result in behavioral reactions such as stress and anxiety. Several cases of animals that have suffered physical damage and even death have been reported.

The noise of the fires, associated with fear, awakens the animal’s need to move away from the noise, trying to hide inside or under furniture. This fear can also result in attempts to escape through the window, dig holes, become aggressive, urinate or defecate involuntarily, etc. During such an attempt to seek protection, the animal may fall into collusions, epileptic attacks, bewilderment, deafness, heart attack (especially in birds), and even the disappearance of the animal, which can travel a long distance in a state of panic and can’t return to their place of origin.

In humans, the damage can’t be considered minor. In addition to accidents with the explosion of fireworks, the noise is especially harmful to people with autism, who can become extremely uncomfortable.

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