MOM Moms-To-Be Are Now Using Their Sonograms To Create One-Of-A-Kind Nail Art

Moms-to-be are always looking for unique and creative ways to honor their pregnancies and the lives that are growing inside them.

In today’s day and age, it seems like parents are really celebrating every moment of pregnancy. They have adorable pregnancy announcement photos and videos, huge gender reveal parties, and entire social media accounts dedicated to their babies once they’re born.

And every week, it seems like the celebrations get more and more extravagant. Back in the day, expecting parents would just tell people they were having a baby — maybe they’d show them a sonogram image. Getting an ultrasound was something the couple would experience together, but now it seems like many couples want to share the experience with the whole world.

Now people get their sonograms printed on T-shirts, made into cakes — the list goes on and on. And the newest trend? Manicures. That’s right, expecting moms are using their sonograms to create one-of-a-kind nail art!

One of the latest nail art trends is sonogram manicures. Moms-to-be are using the images taken during their ultrasounds and having manicurists paint them on their nails.

While baby shower nails and gender reveal nails have been popular for a while, this is the first time sonogram nails have become trendy.

Some people use their nails to celebrate their babies, even before they’re born.

As sonogram nails become more popular, more and more nail artists are learning how to create the intricate images on their clients’ fingernails.

The photos have made their way around Instagram and Facebook, and commenters have been quick to leave their thoughts.

Some parents absolutely love the idea, while others think it’s a little too much.

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