Men Will Have Their Anti-Baby Pill Soon and This is What you Need to Know

It could be the solution for those who say that “with a condom it doesn’t feel the same”. Male oral contraceptives could be a reality very soon.

At a meeting of the Society of Endocrinologists in Chicago, a study was presented on a oral contraceptive for men that could be safe and effective.

Male oral contraceptives will soon become a reality

Responsible men who can only believe in their own methods for not having babies, are limited to the use of condoms, but a pill that is already in its development phase could help them with a secondary method that would support them with responsibility and leave them open the possibility of enjoying a more pleasant sex with more feelings, which they lose by using condoms.

Currently there are about 15 contraceptive methods with proven efficacy, of which 85% were designed for women.

The researchers from the University of Washington (Seattle) during the annual meeting with the Society of Endocrinologists this year presented their advances in the development of the contraceptive pill for men, called Dimethandrolone undecanoate or DMAU; It is taken the same as female contraceptives, orally, once a day.

This is the second presentation of the DMAU, which in 2016 was withdrawn due to presenting secondary liver discomfort to the study participants.

The most recent study involved 100 men between 18 and 50 years of age, of whom 13 dropped out. With a daily dose of 400 mg in each pill, participants showed a drop in testosterone levels and two more hormones that are responsible for the production of sperm.

The pill did not leave any of them infertile, after two days of stopping it, the hormonal levels of all the participants returned to normal. DMAU passed its initial phase successfully and now it will be tested on a group of men in long-term and married relationships.

The same question remains: Would they take a contraceptive pill whose only function is to prevent pregnancy? I guess that there are more and more responsible men who would say yes.

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