Lions farms are more terrible than they seem. Hunters choose victims by WhatsApp

In South Africa, there are lion farms, that although the first thing that comes to mind are animals cared for and protected in special places, the reality is precisely the opposite.

According to a study developed over a year, hundreds of lions die slaughtered in this type of facility, victims of the ambition and cruelty of a bunch of hunters who only seek to entertain themselves at the cost of the lives of these innocent animals.


It turns out that they are first kept in captivity and then offered for the hunting and sale of their bones. Even those in charge of the business use instant messaging applications with WhatsApp to publicize their “offers” to foreign hunters who have more money.

They send them photos of the possible victims available and in exchange, they must pay anticipated sums that reach close to 54 thousand dollars.

Lord Ashcroft

Although the ligres, animals that are born from the cross between a lion and a tigress, are more required, since as their bones are heavier, they are considered ideal to be sold in the market of traditional medicines, very strong in China and the Southeast Asian.

In addition, it was possible to identify different modalities for hunting. Among them is the «green», which allows the lions to be sedated before being killed so that their hunters can be photographed with their future trophies.

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Undoubtedly it is a practice far from being recreational or “fun” as several offer it.

Lord Ashcroft

Moreover, they do not even have mercy with animals that are sick and that no one will want to hunt. They are transported by trucks to slaughterhouses where they are kept in terrible conditions and then slaughtered.

Lord Ashcroft

The truth is that according to the research funded by the former British MP  Michael Ashcroft,  the business is far from over because it is widespread in South Africa and they claim that the British Government is totally complicit in the situation since they allow such atrocities as the importation of “hunting trophies”.

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