He traveled on the 6 flights in which his daughter stewardess had to work at Christmas. He just wanted to celebrate with her

Christmas is my favorite celebration. Not for the gifts, not for the exquisite food, not for the ornaments (well that may be). I live in a different city to my whole family, so I have them all in one place, where the most important thing is to be together, full of happiness in our life.

I know that for most people the main objective is to enjoy with their loved ones, so if any of them can’t attend the celebration, for various reasons, I think they would do anything to keep them close, even with just a phone call.

But a father named Hal Vaughan went further.

Her daughter Pierce is a flight attendant and couldn’t be home for this year’s Christmas celebration. Hal decided to be with her at any cost, so he bought a ticket on each of the flights Pierce had to attend between Eve and Christmas Day. He traveled on six flights in total, in just two days.

Facebook / Mike Levy

His surprising gesture was shared by the passenger who sat next to him on his flight from Fort Myers, United States to Detroit. Hal shared his story and Mike Levy decided to tell it on his Facebook account, attaching a photograph with the father and his daughter. In the publication, the man wrote that he had the “pleasure” of sitting next to Hal on the flight home.

Is he the best dad in the world?

Pierce T. Vaughan

The next day, Pierce shared the publication of Mike Levy on his own account and offered more details about the sweet Christmas story.  “Look, ma, we did it. Dad’s first trip using his benefits was a success! ” He wrote.

Pierce T. Vaughan

“Special thanks to all the passengers, wonderful door agents throughout the country and my perfect team. He did it on all flights and even got the first-class RSW-DTW (Christmas miracle), ” he said.

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