He asked his daughter what an influencer was and decided to be one. Won 300k followers in a month

For older generations, it’s very hard to be in touch with the nowadays technology trends, the way people engage to each other, what people do to reach a larger audience and how the world of young people looks like.

Of this nature is Barbara’s father named Omar, who one day asked her daughter about the term “influencer” and what he does to achieve what he achieves.

After his daughter made clear what an influencer is, Omar decided to become one of them, filled with overconfidence he opened his own Instagram.

“My dad asked me what an influencer was, after I explained what it was he said: “Ssshh, I could do that “. Well … he did it. The best part is that he works in construction.”

As seen in the screenshot, at first Omar only had 75 followers and after a month, he managed to exceed 300 thousand followers in social media.

And after looking at his Instagram, it’s more than understandable why he has gathered so many followers in such a short time.

Instagram @justaconstructionguy

Instagram @justaconstructionguy

Omar not only uploads photos of his daily routine, but that doesn’t stop him from following some of the most famous Instagram trends.

This is just an example, the typical one of backs taking the master of somebody (usually, couple).

Instagram @justaconstructionguy

Also, he’s showing us that even he knows how to drink that coffee with style

Instagram @justaconstructionguy

Definitely, he has won the sympathy of his followers despite his age. Follow him here.

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