Having an envious “friend” is much more dangerous than having 10 enemies

From our first steps, when we enter school or something we begin to relate, there are always people around us, some more important than others and who bring good (or bad) things to our lives.

It is assumed that on the way we all leave with a dose of great innocence and very difficult to remove, the experiences (negative especially) are what allow us to have a little distrust, and discover who our true friendships are.

But we are not experts and we are always exposed, perhaps in our group of friends there is someone that the truth does not favor us in any way and we do not notice it. There are some clues, those people who always talk about them and are not happy about your successes? Be careful, you may not really think very well about yourself after all.

You must pay too much attention, there are those who ‘when they try to help you’ only manipulate you at their convenience, so you must learn to differentiate so in order not to get hurt. There is also a key moment that unfortunately always appears and will help you discover who is who, when you are facing a difficulty, several will disappear.

Sometimes you point out as your enemies those people who are far away from you, who do not know you but who simply do not look at you with sympathy,when by your side you can have someone who tells you all your secrets and intimacies that despite what you believe, you are not wishing you the best.

Avoid getting hurt and take good care of those around you.

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