For the First Time They Recorded What’s Under the Antarctic Ice and It’s Incredible

The South Pole is the largest territory that is protected with ice, with a great variety of life, a rich in the ecosystem and unimaginable beauty.

Because it’s a very cold and difficult place to be populated by human beings, anyone would imagine that it would be a terrifying place, but the reality is that nature makes its way through this immense place. For example, there are some dangerous places to humans such as the volcanic slopes where sulfur covers everything.

Although we have known about the existence of life in the coldest places on the planet, we still continue to be surprised about the biological richness in these places. It’s very naive to think that due to the fact that a place is unfriendly to human beings it will also be for other living beings, a clear example of this is the South Pole and Antarctica, where human beings didn’t knew until decades ago, which in fact is home to thousands of species. 

Here are some images taken by scientists from the Australian Antarctic Division, who after discovering a large hole in a thick layer of ice almost two meters thick, placed in it a special robot created to document underwater life in the Arctic where the temperatures are extremely low. 

In this place an imaginary garden was discovered, it seemed to be created by some artist, a place full of life, populated by algae, marine flowers, among other species.

Watch the following video that will surely leave you speechless:

This garden surrounded by ice, which protects it as if it was a greenhouse and thanks to that, it protects itself from the weather and the strong storms by what allows it to create a prosperous ecosystem. As in the forests and natural parks that are destroyed by forest fires, these gardens sometimes, the movements of the icebergs cause catastrophes in them and destroy everything.

But luckily, despite these destructions, nature makes its way with time, diversity, harmony and beauty are born again in this frozen place. It is simply awesome.

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