Father Puts Reflective Tape On The Inside of His Car Doors to Protect his Kids

Gone are the days when the main appeal to buying a car came in how big the fins were, how many horsepowers were under the tank, or how cool it looked sitting in front of your local diner.

Safety is now the No. 1 feature Americans look for when buying their cards, according to a report from Accenture, and a lot of that safety is centered around protecting their children. But for all the geegaws and gadgets put forward by car manufacturers, one Midwestern dad has them all beat using simple reflective tape and standard reflectors.

In a DIY video uploaded to YouTube, user Viva Frei shows how to apply standard reflectors with sticky tape to the inside of passenger doors on an automobile, as reported by Reddit As their name suggests, the reflectors bounce back light from car headlights, alerting other drivers that the door is open. Particularly in areas where winters are long and sunset comes early in the evening, this can be a life-saving proposition for children who are entering or exiting vehicles on a dark street, on their way to or from school, practice, or a friend’s house.

Best of all, the safety enhancement is close to free, needing only the cost of the reflectors and adhesive tape to start and finish the project.

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