Facebook is looking to prohibit selling all kinds of animals on its platform. They want to protect them

Because when they choose to buy an animal, they are endorsing the mistreatment of hundreds of dogs that are reproduced again and again to earn money. More measures like this are what we need.

I will never tire of repeating this, if they really love animals, the best option is to adopt a pet instead of buying it. Those who sell animals usually have hatcheries or puppy farms where they force the females to get pregnant again and again without rest just to get money.

As much as they love that puppy they are buying and give him the best possible life, his mother suffered years so they could have it.

This is why Facebook wants to prohibit the sale of animals on its platform, to try to diminish – even a little – animal exploitation.

The platform is implementing new commercial policies in which they are restricting enough what kind of things people can publish in their profiles, pages or groups.

One of these is to delete any post related to the sale of animals, but not in the cases of those offering pet adoption.

But there is something very important related to this, for it to work we have to make the first move.

Because although Facebook is trying to train its algorithms to detect this type of post, as well as the fake news, it is not so simple.

So the best thing they can do to stop the sale of animals is to report every time they come across a post of this type.

Reporting this kind of stuff will not take more than a few minutes and may help a lot to stop this.

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