Dog Has Been Waiting For His Owner Outside Of Hospital For A Week, Doesn’t Know They Passed Away

WARNING: For any sever dog lovers out there, this is going to be a tough one to get through. In fact, I almost couldn’t write it, it’s just too freakin’ heartbreaking.

Okay so, I’m just gonna rip the bandaid straight off. There has been a truly adorable Labrador spotted lying outside a hospital in Argentina. And what is he doing there, exactly? Well, he is patiently waiting for his owner to return, sweet right? Right.

Unfortunately, he is unaware that his owner, has, in fact, actually passed away. Yep, there it is. There is that stab to the heart.

Cute photos that have recently surfaced online show the mere six-year-old lab, whose name is allegedly Toto, keeping a constant vigil outside of the Pablo Soria Hospital within the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, where he has been sleeping for at least a week now.

Yep. Now maybe you’ll understand why I’ve been crying for the past 6 hours.

According to the local media, Toto’s owner had asked beforehand for the dog to be brought to the hospital so that he would have one last chance to say goodbye to his beloved pet. Sadly, however, for both Toto and his owner, the currently unnamed owner died while he was in the hospital… and disbelieving me (as in, I cannot BELIEVE it actually happened)… none of this owner’s relatives took the dog with them when they left the hospital themselves, which means that poor unaware Toto is still lying at those same hospital doors… waiting for an owner who will never return.

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Fatima Rodriguez, who actually works at a local animals protection organization in Argentina, did tell reporters that they are now attempting to find a new owner for poor Toto, but has also warned anyone who does wish to adopt this gorgeous little boy does need to have what is known as a ‘closed house’ due to the fact that there’s a really good chance little Toto will continually try to escape in order to make his way back to the hospital so he can see his owner.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 10 thousand hundred million times… human’s really, really, really do not deserve dogs. At ALL.

It’s been reported that a vet has since been out to see the dog and has said that poor Toto will also need to have surgery on his paw, as well as also recommended and the adorable pooch is neutered.

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On a sweeter note, Toto is reportedly a very good boy and is very, very well behaved and welcoming to all visitors to arrive at the hospital, and he is more than happy to allow them all to stroke him, cuddle him and just make an overall fuss of him. So, so CUTE!

In fact, one local resident who has been helping to look after Toto the past week, said:  “He seems to believe his owner is going to come out someday to take him home.”

Oh good, here come to the tears again.

And in case you were wondering, it is still currently not known what caused the death of the owner.

To make matters even worse for you all (I know, I’m sorry, but it’s technically my job to bring you all this heartbreaking news) this isn’t actually the first story based on some of our four-legged, super under appreciated friends which have brought on collective tears to millions of eyes this week…

You see, on Monday, the Humane Society of Midland County over in Michigan also shared their own heart-breaking post about a cute pit-bull mix who has been affectionately named Blue who was brought into their center after she was sadly separated from her family. And you’ll never believe this, but a quick scan of her revealed that the pooch had a microchip and so Blue’s owners were eventually found… 1,400 miles way in Florida.

However, luckily for Blue, there was one extremely kind-hearted woman who decided that she would happily drive Blue all the way back to Florida so that she could unite the beautiful four-legged pooch with her beloved owners who were probably missing her something terrible. I mean, so far, so good, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, how about the fact that when the woman arrived with Blue in Florida… it turned out that her MONSTERS of owners turned out that they in fact, no longer wanted their dog. Utterly despicable.

“We are sad to announce that Blue did not make it home,” the society explained in a post they uploaded to Facebook.

“Through no fault of anyone Blue is now headed back to Michigan where we will find her forever home.

“Due to changing circumstances her family was unable to keep and we’d like to respect their reasons and their privacy.

“We want to thank her transporters for their dedication to Blue, as well as everyone else who has helped along the way. No one could have predicted this unfortunate turn of but we can now only focus on what is most important which is finding Blue a forever home.

“If interested in adopting Blue we are accepting applications. She is a young dog with a lot of energy and will need an active family willing to train her. She is housebroken and very sweet.”

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Sorry guys, I’m gonna be out of office for the next few days. If I boss asks, just tell them I’m driving to Michigan to adopt my soulmate whose name is Blue. Thanks!

h/t: gosocial

Let me know what you think about both these stories in the comments, for example, has it made you hate the human race even more than you already did? Because that definitely was the case for me. And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family too… let’s help find Blue her forever home! x

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