Doctors are forced to perform an emergency cesarean, when the father sees the baby the room remains in total silence

Pregnancy can be a very difficult period for women.

In addition to dealing with the physical aspects involved in carrying a baby, there is a constant concern that something happens to the child.

Thank goodness that in most cases everything is fine. That worry and fear-relax in the same second that you can hug the newborn and realize that he is healthy.

Jennie Wilklow could never experience that feeling of relief, on the contrary.

Jennie took the pregnancy relatively normally. She and her husband were very happy to know that they were expecting a baby and in all the controls that were done, they had the same answer: their baby was apparently fine.

But certain clouds appeared on the horizon when Jennie was forced to give birth with an emergency cesarean in week 34. Although the operation went well, they soon realized that there was something wrong with her baby.

‘When they took her in her arms I heard her cry and they said: she’s very pretty’. That’s the word that every mother wants to hear, so I smiled and relaxed, ‘says Jennie.

But seconds later the atmosphere in the room changed completely. The baby’s face transformed.

Several nurses and doctors were shocked to see what was happening with the newborn.

‘They did everything possible to help her, but her skin hardened in a matter of seconds and started to crack, and wounds came out all over her body. I saw their faces filled with panic and asked if everything was fine. ‘

The doctors assured her that everything was under control, but they gave her painkillers that put her to sleep for a while.

When Jennie woke up a doctor informed her of the situation. It turned out that his daughter Anna suffered from the symptoms of a disease called Harlequin Ichthyosis.

Jennie looked at her husband and realized the seriousness of what happened.

‘My husband’s silence scared me; I was sitting in shock when the doctors left. He could only say: ‘This is serious.’

The disease ‘harlequin ichthyosis’ is a genetic defect that causes the skin to grow approximately 14 times faster than normal. It creates a redness all over the body, which also affects the eyes, mouth, nose and ears.

Children born with ‘harlequin ichthyosis’ usually die a few days after birth.

Those who survive can have a normal life. But, unfortunately, they will be prone to complications and delays in development, especially in their motor skills.

‘I spent the next few days looking for information about her situation and I realized the terrible quality of life that awaited my daughter. Then I allowed myself to have that thought since in those moments of my life I was terribly confused and I felt very lonely. That’s why I thought that the best thing for my daughter was to die, ‘says Jennie.

But it turned out that Jennie gave birth to a very strong girl and with the help of the doctors and her family, Anna survived.

The parents were finally able to take the girl home and tried to do their best to take care of Anna.

Jennie tells us about her fight during the first days:

‘Every two hours she covered her body with Vaseline and bathed her for a few hours a day. For many years I dreamed of what I would give to my beloved daughter, and although it seemed so minor, it was what I fought the most for. ‘

And despite the difficulties, Anna gave her mother a totally new perspective on life:

‘I realized that if I put limits on what she could achieve, her development would be blocked. Then I decided to set the bar high. I told myself that the goal would be for her to do what she wanted to do and that same goal would be applied to myself. ‘

Since then Jennie has created an account on Instagram where she publishes the ups and downs of a roller coaster of her life and that of the little one.

‘Now I understand that I received it because of the love I already have in my heart for my daughter. Anna was destined for me, and I for her, and together we will show the world how beautiful it can be. ‘

What do you think about the story of Jennie and Anna? I believe that they teach us that there is always a room for love, differences and warmth in a generally cold world!

Sometimes things are not as they had thought or dreamed, but if we can accept that we are all born different and that certain people are not like the others, we will have gone a long way.

That Jennie has opened up and dares to tell Anna’s story and her own story already means a lot!

Share this with your friends and family, spread love, let us love each other more and more every day.

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