Creative Homeless Guy Transformed An Abandoned Parking Space Into His Home

Unemployment is one of the reasons why people are suffering from poverty and lack. Consequently, many people have no place to stay or can afford to have a place of their own, nothing to eat, no clothes to wear, etc. This is also the reason why crimes are extensive nowadays because as an option, they steal or commit criminal acts to earn money.

The number of beggars and homeless on the street is also growing. Streets are what they call home and have no choice because where else could they stay for free. But not like this particular homeless man.

Instead of living like other homeless, this creative homeless guy transformed an abandoned parking space into his home.

This man from England named Paul Lindsay-Jones, was kicked out from his original home and as a resort, he transformed the parking space into his new home. He only uses his creativity to make the space look like home.

He uses furniture like a small table and also planning to add a sofa using two chairs. You can also see in the pictures that he surrounded the area with framed pictures, bedding and flowers as a decoration, and put cardboard as a carpet.

Most of the things he used for his new residence came from garbage cans and donations. Instead of making his situation even worst, he came up with this idea to make his living still comfortable.

There are still people living on the streets just lying on the sleeping bag. But I like a bit of luxury. It’s about using your brain.

Though the 55-year-old man is deaf and has Asperger’s syndrome, he still has chosen to live in his current residence. Many offered him accommodations but he refused to accept it.

Shelter, no, it’s not for me. I had a proper home once. I kept it beautiful. I lost everything. I’m just trying to do the same here.

Many are still concerned about his situation, especially neighbors in his area but he still continues to suffer in these conditions.

Our prayers are for him and we wish him to return into his previous life as soon as possible.

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