Child captured doing homework under street lamp because his mom can’t afford to pay for electricity

Most children prefer to play before studying.Sometimes having to do home works after attending school seems really tedious and parents must “force” them to fulfill their obligations.

However … there are some children who know that only by studying they can have an opportunity to help their family in the future.

Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba, 12 years-old , is one of them.

For some years there is no electric light in his house located in Moche, Peru.This family has not been able to afford a light meter and they have had to adapt to these complex conditions, which for other children, could be used as an excuse for not doing their homework.

But Victor is not like many others. He has managed to find a way just to not end up in a bad grade by the end… at least this is demonstrated by a video captured by a video surveillance camera that shows him very concentrated in completing his task.

Currently he attends the sixth grade of elementary, and thanks to the power of social media, his story went viral very quickly so even he reached the president of the Republic Martín Vizcarra with the help of the media.

Her mother, Rosa Córdoba Angulo, is moved to tears when she sees her son struggling to give the best from him in school without ever having made a complaint or a bad face for living so precariously.

However, this situation will change in a few days, as after the story of the child became known, the mayor of Moche, Arturo Fernández Bazán, visited the child and offered his support to obtain a light meter so he could study within his house.

And he also took advantage of giving some school supplies to the child in recognition of his effort and as a motivation to continue having an exemplary performance in school.

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