By Using This Foot Reflexology You Can Calm Fussy Babies Instantly

A baby may be suffering from different types of pain that you may haven’t been able to notice the first time; and the truth is that obviously no parent is taught, since absolutely all people learn as time goes on.

An excellent routine, and highly recommended by doctors, is the Reflexology of feet in babies.

According to experts in foot reflexology, gentle massage on specific parts of your baby’s foot is one of the best home remedies you can do to cure your children’s discomforts. Each area of ​​the plants corresponds to different organs, muscles, and parts of the body. With a pressure on these key points of the foot, it helps relieve the discomfort naturally.

Before you start the massage, your baby should be completely relaxed. It is good to rub your feet or give a warm bath before.

1. Headaches and teeth
When the first teeth come out, they often have a bad time. If your baby is having headaches or is having a bad time when babies are teething, you should massage the tips of the toes. You can do this both when the baby sleeps or when it’s awake, in this way it will lead to better blood circulation to the skull.

2. Pain in the sinuses

If your baby constantly sneezes or have trouble breathing and phlegm, a light massage in the center of fingers will be helpful.

3. Chest pain
Children who have a congested chest experience a lot of pain. Their throats are sore from coughing  and they may have trouble breathing properly. If you are worried about your child’s breathing, you should seek the opinion of a doctor .

But if you need to relieve the pain for a while, you can do so by massaging the pads of the feet. Press gently just below the fingers and move  your fingers in circles to help relieve the problem of coughing and congestion.

4. Stomach pain
Massage the center of your foot. The best place is just below the pad, where the arch of the foot begins. This whole area connects with your baby’s solar plexus. The solar plexus is a collection of different nerves that lie between the lungs and the stomach. Often these nerves are what are causing the pain, therefore, a foot massage allows it to be relieved.

5. Abdominal pain
For indigestion, heartburn and constipation, you should massage the place between the middle of the foot and the foot pads . If babies experience pain due to abdominal distention or gas in their large intestine, you should massage the point between their heel and the middle of their foot.

6. Pelvic pain

Sometimes a baby may grow faster than their hips can stand, which can cause pain. To help with this problem, you should rub your baby’s heel. Massaging the heel may also relieve stomach pain and constipation.  And always remember to consult the doctor, in addition to this therapy, keep in mind that this is considered only as an “alternative”.

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