Benefits of an outdoor rabbit hutch

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If your family is considering adding rabbits to the household as pets, decide quickly whether you plan to keep the rabbits indoors in a cage or outside in a special rabbit hutch. It’s fine to have rabbits indoors, but you may need to rabbit-free certain areas of the house that are not safe for rabbits and also provide daily cleaning to prevent the rabbits from soiling carpets, pillows, and floors. Many people end up keeping their rabbits outside in a rabbit hutch because it is easier to maintain and provides a more natural environment for rabbits to grow up in.

The two biggest concerns with keeping rabbits out are larger predators and cold weather. If left unsupervised, larger animals, such as raccoons, can very easily sneak in and try to run away with a snack. Also, the temperature can drop significantly at night and if your rabbit hutch is not insulated against attack and icy air, you could lose your pets overnight to burglary or frostbite. When choosing a rabbit hutch to keep your rabbits, make sure it is a durable hutch that can deter predators and that it also has sturdy doors and roofs to ensure all rabbits inside are safe and warm at night.

Most rabbit owners and veterinarians agree that the ideal temperature for rabbits is between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above 85 or below 45 degrees is a cause for concern and it may be necessary to bring the rabbits indoors or provide fresh water throughout the day so the bunnies don’t become dehydrated. While not as needy as dogs and cats, rabbits are not completely self-sufficient and it requires careful vigilance from the owner to ensure they receive a safe and healthy upbringing.

If you have a rabbit hutch outside and expect the temperature to drop, be sure to cover the hutch with a warm blanket or towel at night. Not only does this layer of insulation keep smart predators at bay, but it can go a long way in keeping your furry friends warm. You can also put warm blankets in the hutch so that rabbits can cuddle together at night and create a warmer sleeping environment.

Therefore, in hot weather, it is imperative that you keep the coop in a shady area as extreme heat can harm their well-being. It’s also wise to have fresh, cold water nearby to drink and even wrap a bottle of ice water in a towel and keep it in the hutch for extra coolness.

Large outdoor rabbit hutches are great living environments for raising rabbits, and with the right hutch and accessories, you’ll be ready to provide a loving home for your furry pet. Once you have factored in all internal and external hazards and made the necessary adjustments, you can safely introduce your rabbits to their new hutch and introduce them to their new environment.


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