Because It’s the work of both women and men, Pampers will install 5000 changing rooms in men’s bathrooms

It’s a good sign that our society is improving in terms of gender equality, things change for the better although these kinds of changes seemed very hard to achieve but they were not impossible.

Previously, women were treated only as “the housewife” which is not the only purpose as they have thousands of capacities for different things even sometimes they are better than men in some aspects

This unfair treatment was not only shown to them in their home but also in the establishments believing that they are responsible only for taking care of children.

Luckily, today there are new generation dads like Dante Palmer who are an inspiration for our society, a picture of him struggling to change his baby in a men’s bathroom has raised awareness that a huge change has to be made.

Taking this into consideration, Pampers has announced an ambitious equality initiative, will install 5,000 tables to change babies in men’s bathrooms in the United States and Canada.

Along with the project, an advertising campaign will also be launched to encourage parents to take charge of changing diapers.


500 locations were chosen including Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit and other cities, according to Pampers, men’s restrooms must meet the responsibilities of modern parents.

John Legend has already done a joint work with Pampers to show that it’s a real problem that men have to face, when they try to change their baby in a space that is not ready for it. Welcome all these egalitarian proposals that encourage parents to do things they did not do before.


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