A ‘yacht for the poor’? Amazon sells an inflatable one with a fridge included

You don’t have to be super-rich in order to have a personal yacht, at least not for now.

Recently, an interesting product launched on Amazon took the internet on grace and their images went viral on social media because of the reasonable price and the opportunity to enjoy the summer in personal yacht.

It is an inflatable yacht for six people that weighs approximately 30 kilos and it takes 20 minutes to be in the perfect conditions to float.

In addition, the boat is equipped with a refrigerator where you can put a good amount of drinks, so you don’t suffer from thirst in the sea, a lake or a swimming pool.

For a very reasonable price compared to a ‘conventional’ yacht, this could be yours for only $320.

Amazon describes the product as an acquisition “perfect for use on land or water. Designed for maximum comfort and hours of relaxation. “

Below are Some images of the product have gone viral in social networks. Would you buy it? 

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