A study Confirms that Women Handle Better than Men

You aren’t a woman if you haven’t had to drive with a scared man inside the car giving you ridiculous directions like stopping at a red light or not stopping so abruptly.

Moreover, more than once you heard a man throw a woman at her “few skills” of driving. It’s so much that we hear it every day, that we even come to believe that the male brain has more developed the proportion of spaces and that is why they are more skilled at the wheel. 

But a recent study conducted by the Center for Experimentation and Road Safety (Cesvi) of Argentina, determined that it’s absolutely false . In fact, it revealed the opposite: women handle better than men.

Only 24% of car accidents are caused by women, while men are protagonists of 76%. The number of women involved in a street altercation versus men is much smaller. He has! There they are, men.

It was determined that in general, men have better techniques; better coordinate the arms and legs. However, it was also discovered that women take 20% more time to learn maneuvers. That’s it, women are more cautious.

” We are more empathetic and we think about everything that surrounds us in the streets: pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, public transport. This makes us respect more the traffic rules as well, “explained  Lulu Dietrich , founder and director of Mujeres al Volant. 

This coincides with the results obtained by the study regarding excess speed. Only 10% of women pass the limit of speed allowed in each zone, while 40% of men accelerate more than they should. In any case, women handle better because they respect the rules.

To stay safe at the wheel, follow these 7 tips:

1. No cell phones

2. Always wear a seat belt, and if you carry passengers, impose it as a standard

3. If you have children or transport small children, make sure they are properly tied in their chair

4. Always respect the speed limit

5. Always sign before folding, at least 5 meters before

6. Always have your car insurance policy up to date

7. Give way and respect pedestrians, always!






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