A simple advice to overcome your laziness

As a formerly lazy person, I wanted to write you a quick thing on how I’ve overcome laziness and how I think you can too. If you truly are done with the sense of powerlessness that comes with being, as well as the sense of time rapidly passing you by while you’re doing nothing – then this is specifically for you.

I want you to know that there’s important potential in you. How can I say this without having met you? I say this because I hold a deep conviction that all human beings are born with something to offer, especially those of us who are driven to the study of self-discipline, self-improvement. It means that there’s something in us that wants to express itself to the collective.

Therefore it’s not just important to you that you become strong and capable – but it’s also important to all of us! We all need for you to be strong, to be on top of your game.

To that end, here is what I’ve found as a reliable method for overcoming even the deepest and most persistent laziness:

Focus on the match between your word and your action.

That’s the key! This is a big one – it’s obvious, and yet it’s a profound lesson.

Just think about it – you’re here because in your imagination, you know that you’re capable of doing more, being more. Otherwise why would you be here reading this? And YET, there’s a disparity between what’s in your imagination, and what’s in your life.

We close that disparity by creating a bridge between your word and your action.

In other words, we create a connection between what you say you’ll do, and what you do.

If there’s no connection, then you’re in this place where you’re saying “Oh I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that, I’ll do it tomorrow” on and on. And you never do. Every time you fail to keep a promise to yourself, you move further into powerlessness.

So instead, we reverse the situation by beginning to keep these promises.

This is something that you can apply right now

You can start by answering this question: “What can I do today that would make today better than yesterday?” It doesn’t matter how small it is. In fact, small is better for now. The only thing that matters now is that you do the first thing. You can do a bigger version of if tomorrow.

Forget about how much you think you should be doing, or what you think you should be capable of. Instead just promise yourself that you’ll do something small, and then actually do it. And when you do it, let it be enough. Let yourself consider today to be a success. And it is a success! You made your life better! You took control. This is a very powerful symbol, a very powerful message that you send to yourself.

You start to become powerful again, and confident,

when you keep your word to yourself consistently. You can start trusting yourself with bigger and bigger tasks, and then suddenly laziness is no longer a problem. Consider the possibility that you never were lazy, but just simply out of alignment between your word and your action.

Remember, it’s not about the size of what you accomplish, it’s THAT you accomplish anything at all. Do it again tomorrow. Repeat. It will feel good and familiar to you.
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