A Company Sells Coffins With Glitter For Everyone Who Needs To Shine Until the Last Moment

It’s not the first time I say it, but the amount of things one can find on the Internet becomes overwhelming. But do you know what is the most overwhelming? The many companies that exist in real life and that are responsible for creating that amount of things that we later see on the internet.

Because for you to know, most of the things you see while surfing social networks are products that actually exist in real life, such as nose warmers-I’ll never stop using those ‘products’ as an example.

The last thing I found hanging around social networks were bright coffins, with glitter. Yes, coffins that shine.

Instagram theglittercoffincompany

Because despite the fact that death is a complex moment for all, for many it’s a tragic moment where the only possible feeling is grief and sadness, where everything is dark. 

However, The Glitter Coffin Company believes that its bright coffins are perfect for “celebrating a person’s life”.

Each coffin or box of ashes that the company makes is available to order, they can be sent to everybody – the client pays the shipping cost -, use brightness made from uncolored plastic placed in a 100% cotton fabric and is certified by the FFMA that they can be used in burials and cremations.

This is how you summarize your products:

Our stunning coffins are a beautiful way to reflect and celebrate a person’s life.

Our coffins are made to order and then hand upholstered by hand in our beautiful range of glitter options.

Our stunning glitters are made up of a chunky crackle glitter which catches the light beautiful giving the ultimate sparkle effect on a sunny day or when the light catches the glitter flex.

-The Glitter Coffin Company

And if you don’t believe that someone actually was sent with one of these coffins at a funeral, here is proof that it is true:

Instagram theglittercoffincompany
Instagram theglittercoffincompany

It’s normal that it seems a bit strange, but I think we all have a friend that we know will make sure that one of these is the place where his body rests, or not?

Oh, and do not worry if you don’t like pink or white, because of course, that bright coffin comes in various colors.

What is your favorite?

Instagram theglittercoffincompany
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