A 9-year-old boy used his savings to pay for his classmates’ lunches. I could not stand to see them without eating

Nothing is perfect and everything has its flaws, the North American educational system is quite praised thanks to for example the extra-curricular activities we have, they usually leave the training stage thousands of athletes who later receive scholarships to a university, also musicians, Mathematicians, we can find a variety of talents, but like everything, it has its cracks.

Ryan Kyote is a third grader who lives in Napa California (United States) with his family; at his young age (only 9 years old) he noticed a problem that bothered him and decided to find a solution for himself. He saw in the news an Indiana student who was forced to return his school food because the balance in his account was not enough to buy food.

Ryan was furious, and asked immediately to talk to his mother (Kylie Kirkpatrick) to find a way to maybe not help in Indiana, but to prevent this from happening at his school.

After a long conversation between his mother and him, they agreed that they would use the 6-month savings money to cover the food of their most needy classmates at West Park Elementary, in total they had $ 74.50.

“I think it was $ 74.50 ,” Kylie told local television station  KGO- TV . “So, I took that email, I went up to Ryan and said, ‘What do you want to do?’ He said: ‘I guess I can pay for it.’ I said, ‘Are you sure?’ And he said: ‘Yes’, “he said.

As if the sample of maturity was not enough, he asked to remain anonymous, he just wanted to let him know that they no longer owed the money, but his mother was so proud that she had to share the news. It is said that Ryan had planned to use the money to buy new basketball shoes, but set priorities.

According to a California law passed in 2017, children should not be denied lunch because of their parents’ debt, meals at these institutes range from 30 cents to $ 3.25, and the system is obligated to feed all children even if they are in school negative, but apparently, it is something that is not fulfilled at all.

Thanks Ryan, a gesture that shows how well educated you are, and that exposes flaws in the system that need improvement.

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