6 secrets about raising a good child, according to Harvard experts

Undoubtedly, for most parents it’s important to rise good childrens prior to becoming respectable and admirable adults.

But, in order to make our children exemplary children, we must first start with us, since for the children, the parents are their example to follow.

Below, we will show you the 6 amazing secrets on how to raise a good child thanks to the recommendations of the Harvard experts.

What you need to do to make your children good children

Teach your child to control their emotions:

Sadness, anger and disappointment can affect children and adults alike. Therefore, it is important to teach our children to deal with negative emotions. When your child is in a calm state you should teach him the following trick: Ask him to inhale deeply through his nose and exhale slowly through his mouth while he counts up to five.

Talk with your child about taking responsibility for their actions:

Remember that for the children, mom and dad are the role models, so you should talk with your child about morality, as well as mutual help and the importance of caring for the world around us. Do not forget to explain the meaning of taking responsibility that comes with an action.

Teach your child to be compassionate and help the weak:

It is essential that your child has the ability to feel compassion not only for his family and friends, but also for those who need help. A good option is to question how he would feel if he were the new kid at school (the situation you pose will be your decision). This will make you think a lot about what you want them to understand.

Teach your child to be grateful:

It is important that your child knows how to recognize when he is grateful to someone, so you can start by asking him to hug and tell his grandmother about the delicious food he prepared.

Teach your child what constitutes good behavior and instill your family values:

The vast majority of parents give great importance to the success of their children in school or in a sport, so it would also be great if they gave the same importance to ethical behavior.

Spend more time with your child:

You must build a relationship of trust with your child, so you can play with him, walk together, watch movies, read, travel, etc. Dedicating the necessary time to your child will help him to become an honest and kind person, as well as respectful and supportive.

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