5 reasons to go camping

What camping means to you?

A Trip takes us out of our comfort zones and inspires us to see, taste and try new life. It constantly challenges us, not only to adapt to and explore new surroundings, but also to engage with different persons, to embrace new things as they come and to share new and meaningful experiences with friends and girlfriends.


Camping is a popular recreational activity around the world, especially in the United States, where it has become a true tradition. This is evident from the fact that about 40 million people camp every year. That is an impressive number for something as tough and yet fun as camping. As you probably know, camping trips are one of the best ways to enjoy nature to the fullest. However, are you aware of the many other benefits of camping? If not, no problem, because in this article we will discuss five good reasons why you absolutely must go camping this summer.

Good for your physical health

Camping doesn’t involve a lot of exercise, but it certainly promotes it. A good example is chopping firewood, although it may not be exercise, it requires a lot of physical effort. The daily activities while camping include swimming, hiking, sports and cycling. All of these activities not only provide a decent workout, but also boost the calorie-burning process and give you a vitamin D boost when you spend time in the sun.

An affordable holiday

Although camping is not free, all you have to do is pay the camping fee and buy some camping gear. That’s about it, isn’t that relatively affordable now? You can enjoy a vacation with your family and friends without breaking the bank. Yes, the camping gear may be a little expensive, but once you invest in quality gear, it will last for years.

Helps reset your sleep cycle

Sleep problems and disorders have become a common problem in the western world. By constantly exposing yourself to natural light, your sleep cycle resets itself to shortly after sunset and rises with the sun. According to recent studies, people sleep much better when their sleep cycle is in sync with the sun. Moreover, at camp you have an excuse to go to bed early.

You are completely disconnected

A camping trip without an internet connection can make you realize that checking in really doesn’t matter. Some people are so glued to their phone that it’s the first thing they look at when they wake up and the last thing they check before going to bed. By turning off your phone, however, you can really live in the moment and be free to enjoy yourself with those around you.

Explore new environments

If you like to travel and like new places, camping is ideal for you as it allows you to discover new exciting environments. You might even find great places an hour away from your home that you didn’t know existed.

There you have it! These are just a few reasons to go camping. So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. With summer reaching its peak, now is the perfect time to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors.


Why is camping good for you?

Travelling relieves stress and boosts happy hormone

Tour has the ability to take you out of our daily routine and into new enviroment and experiences and this can reset your physics and mind. Even planning a trip can have an fantastic effect on the body – it boosts happiness and feels rewarding.

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