22 People Who Just Wanted to Take a Panoramic Photo, But They Opened the Gates of Hell

The panoramic photos can be really impressive, if done well. When we try to take them, we usually have to take some pictures separately to get a full scene in the picture. The problem is that it is very difficult to take a good picture, and when it is done when you have poor experience, the shots become something totally strange and fun.

#Who needs a selfie stick anyway?

#When your dog runs too fast

#When you want to look at the camera, but you can’t stop taking a look at your newsfeed on Facebook

#Who wants to be caressed by the invisible man?

#A horse with two mounts, like a bicycle

#”I regret having taken a nice panoramic photo of my dog”

#A giraffe disguised as a horse

“The lighting changed when I took my panoramic photo”

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