20 Zero-Waste Ideas Everyone Needs To Do

Every single day we throw away EXCESSIVE amounts of plastic. Takeaway coffee cups, water bottles and plastic bags. Unfortunately, this is the reality and it has a huge negative impact on our planet.

Thankfully, people are trying more and more to reduce their waste and help planet Earth. These ideas are not only great for the environment but are super easy to do too!

1.) Fence made from random doors

Bklitzke / Reddit

This guy made his garden fence out of old second-hand doors! This not only looks awesome but is saving the environment by reusing materials instead of wasting them and throwing it away. Definitely something we should all start doing!

2.) Confetti made from fallen leaves

If you are planning on throwing confetti outdoors, you won’t need to worry about picking it up as this is made out of leaves! It’s also a great zero-waste way to decorate your party, everyone wins!

3.) Pilot wraps presents in old flight maps

ConspiracyBarbie / Reddit

This is not only the coolest wrapping paper ever but it’s zero-waste! So, now you need not feel guilty about buying wrapping paper as you don’t need to do it. Use old maps instead!

4.) Failed polaroids? Turn them into mini paintings!

pastel_lamb / Reddit

It seems to be a huge waste when people throw away films that didn’t print properly. So, this guy decided to paint them instead and turn them into mini pieces of art. Far better than creating waste out of them!

5.) Turn old Christmas cards into gift tags

OfficerUnreasonable / Reddit

It seems like such a waste when we throw away millions of Christmas cards every single year. So, why not use the front of the card, cut it out and turn it into present tags? You’ll save money buying tags AND make the cards last longer.

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